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Careteam Board Member, Bill Tholl, O.C. receives HealthCare CAN’s Legacy of Leadership Award

HealthCare CAN honored Careteam Board Member and Advisor, and one of Canada’s most influential healthcare leaders, Bill Tholl, O.C. with the Legacy of Leadership Award.

Last week, HealthCare CAN honored Careteam Board Member and Advisor, and one of Canada’s most influential healthcare leaders, Bill Tholl, O.C. with the Legacy of Leadership Award.

The award was presented by HealthCareCAN CEO, Paul-Émile Cloutier (left) and Board Cahir, Dr. Michael Gardum (right), on behalf of health organizations and hospitals across Canada. This prestigious award “recognizes exceptional individuals who have made long-lasting and outstanding contributions to advancing the nation's healthcare system, demonstrating significant and sustained commitment to the well-being of Canadians”. This distinction builds upon Bill's previous investiture as an Officer of the Order of Canada (November 2022), acknowledging his extraordinary contribution to healthcare improvement.

For over 40 years, Bill Tholl, O. C. has influenced the development of national health policy and practice. In 1995, Bill stepped into the role of CEO for the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada, where he led the charge for “heart-healthy” front-of-package nutrition labeling to promote healthy food choices. Since then, he has held senior leadership and advisory roles in multiple national health sector organizations, including leading the Canadian Medical Association, and serving as founding President and CEO of HealthcareCAN. Among his many accomplishments, he co-founded Health Action Lobby (HEAL), a coalition of 40 national health organizations dedicated to improving the health of Canadians and the quality of care they receive, and the Canadian Health Leadership Network (CHLNet). He has also co-authored two textbooks (along with Dr. Graham Dickson) on the LEADS Framework, a “by health, for health” leadership model of the leadership capabilities required to be successful in leading 21st century health systems. The framework is also being adopted internationally through LEADS Global.

Bill Tholl, O.C. has been a long term mentor to one of Careteam’s founders - Dr. Alexandra T. Greenhill, dating back to her leadership role as the first medical student on one of the Canadian Medical Association ad hoc committees - the Future of Medicine taskforce. Bill was so impressed that, when he had the chance, he persuaded Alex to join his team at the CMA in the early 2000s.  Since then, he has continued to be a reliable sounding board and trusted advisor since the inception of Careteam.  He has since joined the Board of Directors and continues to shape and support the mission of improving patient care, empowering health practitioners, and enhancing the healthcare system.

“We have learned so much from Bill over the years, including his leadership levers such as the concept of “carpooling” to describe how to create successful partnerships, the focus on being truly patient-centered, as well as the recognition of the power that leaders have to effect change against formidable odds.” said Dr. Greenhill. “He continues to inspire and mentor us on the challenging road of bringing impactful innovation to healthcare, and this award is such a fantastic recognition of his legacy of not just a number of larger than life projects but also the time and care he took to create and support other leaders every chance he has.”

Today, Bill Tholl, O. C. continues to serve Canadians as speaker, author, mentor, university professor, a Certified Corporate Director, and a trustee on several for-profit and not-for-profit Boards. He continues to learn and grow, having been appointed Associate Professor (P/T) with the McMaster Faculty of Health Sciences (March 2022).

Mentor to many, Bill is a “leader of leaders” on the Canadian health scene and we could not thank him enough for his contributions to the continued success of Careteam. Congratulations, Bill!