Supporting aging at home, during COVID

Quaterfinalists 2020 UCSF Digital Health Awards - COVID Solutions
Winners Digital Supercluster - Emergency Case Management COVID
Aging at home is something all of us want, and doing so successfully during and after COVID, requires the collaboration of multi-disciplinary teams with the patient, family and caregivers. Careteam's platform allows everyone to work together on the same page, easing the burden of care on families, reducing readmissions and duplications, and improving the health and lives of the elderly.

Why Careteam?

Getting the health "system" to act as a system

With Careteam, make sure the right information gets to the right people at the right time, and empower each person to take the best next step.
Our flexible adaptable platform can be used to support the collaboration of teams from different organizations including health and social services, patient and local community groups.

Optimise costs

Prevent rehospitalizations with clear discharge instructions, proactive follow ups, remote monitoring, and continuous communication, 30-day rehospitalizations are reduced by up to 15%.

Create efficiencies

Keeping all team members on the same page unlocks efficiencies across the care path, reducing duplication of services and admin time.

Improve satisfaction

Empower patients, families and caregivers with an actionable framework of care, personalized resources, and all the tools they need to feel supported in daily life, improving satisfaction.

Get data on what works

Track Real World Evidence (RWE) data in real-time from patients, families, and caregivers to improve care delivery and the patient journey, and enable quality improvement efforts and research.

How it works

Everyone intelligently connected

Careteam is a healthcare-grade privacy compliant team collaboration platform which brings together health care professionals, the patient and personal support team with an integrated care plan, instant communications, and population analytics to enable transitions, complex chronic care, and innovation in a fragmented health care environment. Careteam creates an ecosystem of data, integration and security on which healthcare apps and AI are built.

How it works

Simple, yet powerful features

Careteam combines everything teams need to support patient success and enable the right actions at the right time.

Empower innovation

Careteam gives teams through an easy to use, but very sophisticated dashboard all the tools they need to quickly test ideas, measure impact, and rapidly scale proven solutions.

Engage patients and families

Give patients and families a clear plan and a way to easily feel informed and take the right actions, supported by secure communication and a tiered role-based access model.

Data and insights

See who is doing well, who needs more help, and provides the tools so that everyone can take the right actions to ensure better outcomes and experiences at lower effort and costs.