Why Careteam?

Designed and built for the reality of healthcare

Careteam is a healthcare-grade team collaboration platform which brings together health care professionals, the patient and personal support team with an integrated care plan, instant communications, and population analytics to enable transitions, complex chronic care, and innovation in a fragmented health care environment.

Powerfully simple

We can deploy in less than 1 hour, no training required, with full self-serve capability using a dashboard.

Access on any device

Patients and families with different level of experience and abilities can easily use without any training.

Flexible and adaptable

Easy to adopt and adapt as can be configured with no code, and personalized to each user's needs.

Meets requirements

We meet or exceed all privacy, HIPAA and PIPEDA, security and medico-legal requirements.

How it works

Powerful features that delight

Careteam combines everything teams need to support patient success and enable the right actions at the right time.

Care planning, collaboration and communication platform for individual patient and population health management.

Empower innovation

Careteam gives teams through an easy to use, but very sophisticated dashboard all the tools they need to quickly test ideas, measure impact, and rapidly scale proven solutions.

Engage patients and families

Give patients and families a clear plan and a way to easily feel informed and take the right actions, supported by secure communication and a tiered role-based access model.

Data and insights

See who is doing well, who needs more help, and provides the tools so that everyone can take the right actions to ensure better outcomes and experiences at lower effort and costs.