How pharma uses our powerful platform

Our award-winning technology helps the most innovative organizations improve patient awareness of the best treatment options, onboarding, engagement and compliance, and gathering of Real-World Evidence (RWE) to improve satisfaction and outcomes.

Careteam Action Plan example
Why Careteam?

Putting the patients on the best possible path to improved health

Understanding and delivering what patients need at each point of their care journey are major challenges that we help with. Through Careteam, evidence-informed pathways are quickly deployed across multiple healthcare organizations and jurisdictions, to empower patients and their support circle to coordinate their care.

Smart check-ins, actionable next best step, relevant information and resources help reduce patients’ time to treatment and increase the likelihood of adhering to treatments.

Evidence-informed care

Evidence-informed care pathways that can be customised to each setting and personalised to each patient with curated resources and workflows.

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Patient engagement

Patients can invite their family members to create a support team around them. Role-based access allows everyone to understand what needs to be done.

Improved compliance

Careteam enables the sharing of new findings, protocols and resources in order to ensure everyone is using the most up-to-date information to provide care.

Data and insights

Identify the points in the care journey where patients need more help, using Real World Evidence (RWE) data to help inform strategies and innovation.

How it works

Simple, yet powerful features

Careteam is a healthcare enterprise-grade team collaboration platform which brings together health care professionals, the patient and personal support team with integrated care plans, instant communications and population analytics to enable transitions, complex chronic care, and innovation in a fragmented health care environment.

Keep an eye on the big picture

Careteam lets you know who is doing well, who needs more help, and provides the tools so that everyone can act on this information to ensure better outcomes and experience with better costs and efficiency.

Empower innovation

Careteam gives teams the tools they need to quickly form, test ideas, measure impact, and rapidly scale proven solutions.

Engage patients and families

Give patients and families a clear plan and a way to easily implement it, including secure communication.

Connect teams across locations

Healthcare is fragmented. Careteam lets teams form around the patient and collaborate with the patient and their caregivers.