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We make it easy for leading health organizations to use digital to deliver on the promise of better care outcomes and experiences: simple and fast to adopt, rapidly see results.

Scaling proven approaches for bigger impact: Our innovative digital health collaboration platform enables person-centered team-based care and closes the gap between what is possible and what happens.

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"Technology is finally capable of
capturing the complexity of human experience."
Dr. Janet Kow, Program Director Elder Care, Providence Health Care

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Our value proposition

Smarter, faster, easier

Our flexible customizable platform enables innovative health care teams to deploy virtual care coordination and collaboration projects within and between health organizations, including the patient, family and community.

Used by innovative teams in many different organizations - from healthcare teams to pharma to insurance, Careteam makes it possible to create breakthroughs in outcomes and experiences for individuals as well as better use of evidence and data.

Our clients are health leaders who think good enough is not good enough for their patients and clinicians. Navigating health care and achieving the best possible results shouldn't be this difficult. Let's bring the use of tech in healthcare to fulfill its promise!

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Connecting across

The first-ever platform to connect across health organizations, compliant with privacy and regulations, providing 360 data about the patient.

Careteam Action Plan example

Patient engagement

A proactive plan-based approach to the health care journey for complex patients and their families, enabling next best action, so they are clear on what to do.

Person-centered care

Connecting together health and social care to optimize the management of complex chronic issues and multiple commodities around the patient/ person.

Team-based care

Technology support for patient-centered medical home, multidisciplinary care and care pathways - at any point of the patient journey, easily adapted to your needs.

Discover how Careteam can help you improve patient communication, reduce guess-work and help patients focus on their health and wellness.

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