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Startup Health: Access to Care - A Health Transformer Showcase Recap

Five innovative entrepreneurs in the StartUp Health portfolio share their radical solutions to open up access to care.

On April 8, 2021, we hosted our fourth Health Transformer Showcase of the year — featuring five entrepreneurs in our portfolio who are innovating in the Access to Care health moonshot. Each Health Transformer had just five minutes to share their novel solutions and progress with an invite-only Zoom room of investors and partners. We’re proud to share their stories with you here and invite you to join them as they work towards the health moonshot of building radical solutions that address delivery, cost, geography, and technology. Scroll on to watch their pitches.

InOn Health

Health Moonshot: Improve patient care through personalized mobile communications.

With InOn Health (fka access.mobile), Kaakpema “KP” and Sara Yelpaala are on a mission to improve patient care with personalized mobile communications. The startup’s HIPAA-compliant web-based application amHealth allows healthcare providers, plans, and systems to influence patient behavior through targeted and optimized mobile communication. By leveraging technology, data, and communication to connect with patients remotely, InOn Health is able to improve health outcomes, increase revenue, lower costs, improve the patient experience, and improve physician satisfaction.

Connect with KP and the team at InOn Health.


Health Moonshot: Ensure medical care can transcend distance by revolutionizing cross-border telemedicine and care delivery.

Sheena Liu, MD, PhD, and her team at Medebound are dedicated to assisting patients across the globe with frustrating and devastating conditions gain easy access to top medical experts in the United States. Their care delivery platform offers full-spectrum virtual care solutions, from expert medical opinions, telemedicine, to access to new medicine and global care on demand and aims to provide answers and outcomes for people regardless of their location or medical condition.

Connect with Dr. Liu and the team at Medebound.

Particle Health

Health Moonshot: Dramatically change lives with access to vital medical data.

CEO & Founder Troy Bannister has built an infrastructure that allows patients and consumers to share their medical information with trusted solutions on the web — without patient portal logins or direct hospital integrations. Particle Health embeds a simple, HIPAA-compliant patient authorization tool in any digital product, allowing users to grant use case-specific access to their medical records. Particle partners with the largest data networks in the country, pulling together rich, diverse data sets for use.

Connect with Troy and the team at Particle Health.

Careteam Technologies

Health Moonshot: Solve the fragmentation of healthcare by enabling virtual health collaboration across different health conditions and contexts.

Founder, CEO, and CMO Alexandra T. Greenhill, MD, is enabling health teams to create care plans, communicate tasks to patients, monitor patient progress, and alter care plans as needed with their digital collaboration platform. Their technology allows you to monitor who is doing well, who needs more help, and provides the tools so that everyone can act on this information to ensure better outcomes and experience with better costs and efficiency.

Connect with Dr. Greenhill and the team at Careteam Technologies.

Hoy Health

Health Moonshot: Empowering minorities, immigrants, veterans, and medically underserved people with affordable and innovative self-funded cash-based wellness products that are designed by us and specifically for us.

The team at Hoy Health is empowering minorities, immigrants, veterans, and medically underserved people with affordable and innovative self-funded cash-based wellness products. Hoy Health has developed a unique set of interconnected cash-pay products — HoyRX (discount medication vouchers), HoyMEDS (pharmacy discount cards), HoyLIFE (chronic care kits), and HoyDOC (telemedicine) — that are are all digitally accessible, bilingual, culturally relevant, easy to understand, simple to use, HIPAA compliant and can be accessed and utilized domestically and by the individuals as well as their extended families abroad.