Jeremy P. Smith

Chief Commercial Officer

Seasoned health tech executive having successfully led multiple large-scale health tech implementations in Canada and the US in the $100m - $1b range, spanning the full continuum of care from acute and community.


Jeremy P. Smith

Teamwork | Adoption | Enablement

Healthcare maestro - I have over 20 years of experience in enterprise digital health and for each additional year that I stay in the industry, I discover 10 more things that need to change. These discoveries have enriched my knowledge of the industry and have helped me develop my expertise in health innovation and adoption.

Pushing the boundaries of innovation - My approach to innovation is more than simply making slight tweaks to current solutions. It’s about going further and breaking the limits of what “innovation” is perceived as right now. It means taking bold steps that exceed what has been considered possible in the past.

On target to exceed - I’ve led several large-scale transformational initiatives in the healthcare industry, one being a $108M project to deploy electronic medical records and interoperability for over 5,000 physicians in BC. With my team, we delivered this project on time, on budget, and exceeding targets, which is all too often an exception in healthcare. 

Hunting for buried treasure - I love problems that challenge me and it excites me when I find a challenge or system that isn’t working how it should. Why? Because these challenges invite the opportunity for teams to discover new methods of fixing problems and give us the chance to make something 10 times better than what it was before.

Technology adoption specialist - It is tremendously exciting to discover new products that solve our exact problems or new features in products we have grown to love. When I’m able to guide teams along this journey of discovery and enablement, I know I’ve made my impact. 

My life is a sailboat - I’ve taught myself everything there is to know about sailing. It is something that I’ve loved doing and learning about since I was 10. I also often work from the comfort of my sailboat and at the end of the day, instead of winding down with a movie, I like to set up chairs at the stern of my boat and watch the sunset along the horizon. It doesn’t get much better than that.