Make complex care simple

Our Patient Success Platform connects every individual and organization involved, enabling care that is more connected, actionable and patient-centric.

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Results that have an impact

Reduce time following up


Digital integrations and multi-disciplinary collaboration maximizes efficiency

Reduce manual follow-ups and data re-entry.
Increase job satisfaction and reduce burn out.

Increase capacity


Time-saving automations, smart templates and data insights enable the best possible care.

Get at-a-glance access to who is on-track and who needs more help.
Increase your impact through asynchronous functionality.

Increase patient adoption


One centralized platform makes staying on course easy, reducing readmissions.

Increase patient compliance with clear and timely instruction.
Connect family members to care plans for improved support.

What sets us apart

Optimize and scale care plans.
Collect Real World Data to enhance care planning over time. Implement optimized plans at scale for increased patient success and greater time-savings. 

The most connected platform.
Careteam is the only solution that connects across systems and multiple diseases combined. 

Customer stories


Natasha Poushinsky, Lead Clinician
Champlain Dementia Network

Mental Health

Sonia Kumar-Seguin, CEO
Body Brave

About Careteam

Established in 2017 by physician and multipreneur Dr. Alexandra Greenhill,
and healthtech expert and multipreneur, Robert Atwell, Careteam was born from a vision to bridge what usually happens to what is possible. Together with a team of highly specialized health and technology professionals, Careteam aims to solve the industrys toughest challenge
fragmentation, and empower healthcare providers, patients and their
families to experience the best care possible.

We can help

Connect and orchestrate all steps in the patient journey. Let us show you how.

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