Our mission is the huge and growing gap between what is possible and what happens

We are concerned that the fragmentation of healthcare is getting worse, as there are more co-morbidities, options, apps and devices. Patients, families, clinicians and health organizations are overwhelmed by the noise. We need to make the health "system" act as a system, starting for some complex and chronic health issues and also for multi-morbidity patients and integrated care systems.

We are a team of clinical leaders and tech experts passionate to make things better for patients, families, clinicians and healthcare leaders, by connecting everyone around the patient, like the conductor with a score that makes talented musicians create music instead of noise.

We believe that every person should have the opportunity to achieve their optimal health with the guidance of the experts on their clinical team. We are dedicated to unlocking the full potential of innovation in health care - always BETTER, getting people to act on the information and learn what worked in order to continuously optimise.

Teams using Careteam

Teams of clinicians in health organisations and community.


From health delivery organizations to tech leaders.

Secure FHIR integrations

Secure connections to leading apps and large scale platforms.

Conditions supported

As diverse as cancer, geriatrics, peds and addictions.

Our Story

Careteam was founded by physicians, health technology leaders and entrepreneurs, all of whom have also been caregivers on multiple occasions. We have seen health care at its best, and we have seen the system fail. We know that technology can help us be more consistent, and unlock the shackles of human capacity which limit the scale of the innovations health care so urgently needs.

We believe that:
• Teams should include everyone critical to the person’s success – including the patient and their circle of care.
• The experience of health care should be more planned, predictable, reliable and flexible.
• Teams should form around the patient, across organisations and include all the people they want to include in their support network.
• Health care teams should be able to work efficiently, and adjust as needed.
• Teams should be able to innovate, test, and scale successful change.

Awards and recognition

Leadership team

Combining passion and experience

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Our health care systems are getting ever more complex and fragmented. It takes deep knowhow to figure out the best path forward and support patients and those who care for them at every step. We offer our passion and expertise, based on decades of service.

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Alexandra T. Greenhill

CEO | Chief Medical Officer

Physician leader and tech entrepreneur, with 15+ years track record of successful complex $100m+ healthcare innovation projects. Passionate to keep improving healthcare. TEDx Speaker. Top 40 under 40. Queen Elisabeth II Medal of Service.

Robert Attwell

Chief Operating Officer

Experienced entrepreneur, an Ivey MBA grad, expert in health organisations' strategy on major innovative initiatives. Past-Chair of the Neil Squire Society, the national organisation focused on Canadians with disabilities.

Jeremy P. Smith

Chief Commercial Officer

Seasoned health tech executive having successfully led multiple large-scale health tech implementations in the $100m - $1b range, spanning the full continuum of care from acute and community.

Martin Longo

Chief Technology Officer

Expert tech leader who has worked with Paul Allen, Oracle, Demandbase, TTEC and NASA. Loves applying Lean Startup and cutting edge technology to create elegant solutions to complex, meaningful problems.

Shannon Kaustinen

Chief Financial Officer

Accomplished financial leader with rare but powerful background. Closed the largest tech acquisition in BC in only 38 days. Executes on vision, driven by metrics and results. Passionate about value-based companies.

Meena Sandhu

Chief Revenue Officer

Revenue leader with 20+ years of leading Marketing, Sales, Customer Success, and Product teams in B2B SaaS. Proven ability to drive customer acquisition and revenue growth (Achieved 185% YoY revenue growth in previous role). Adjunct University Professor, speaker, and writer.