Shannon Kaustinen

Chief Financial Officer

Accomplished financial leader with rare but powerful background. Closed the largest tech acquisition in BC in only 38 days. Executes on vision, driven by metrics and results. Passionate about value-based companies.


Shannon Kaustinen

Value | Impact | Growth

The value of adding value - I have worked with purpose-driven companies since the beginning of my professional career, and that is something I am always looking for. It’s an extraordinary perspective when you see the work of your teammates save a life or help make the environment a better place. Working alongside people and companies that stand for more than just a product or service are the things that drive my passion. 

I see the world in numbers - Any goal or task I have comes with numbers in mind; whether it is training for a marathon, being curious about everyday companies, or translating a strategic plan into relatable numbers. Numbers provide me with the foundation of making go, no-go, decision making. Having one of the rarest combinations of credentials, I can look at numbers and decision making from all angles. 

Speed is key, but execution is essential - From 30 years of high-level soccer, to closing one of the largest and most complicated technology acquisitions in BC in only 38 days, speed and execution is part of everything I do. I thrive in environments that seem chaotic or impossible because I see them as challenges that breed opportunity.

I know how to deal with the elephant in the room - And I am fearless when it comes to escorting them out. I have learned from past experiences that the only way to deal with challenges is to find a team and face them head-on. Complete magic happens when brilliant minds work together towards a common goal.

Mastering the recipe - I love to cook and can prepare a meal for 75+ people without batting an eye. I’ve had time to master the recipes that I’ve collected and have found ways to make each recipe better than before in less time than before. Dealing with 5 cross-border companies was similar - each time the issues were bigger and yet, it was easier.

The bigger the target, the better - I am driven by bold targets and results. Before I started training for my first ever marathon, I chose the biggest target I could reach: The New York City Marathon. 8 months later, I successfully crossed the finish line and high fived with New Yorkers.

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