Martin Longo

Chief Technology Officer

Expert tech leader who has worked with Paul Allen, Oracle, Demandbase, TTEC and NASA. Loves applying Lean Startup and cutting edge technology to create elegant solutions to complex, meaningful problems.


Martin Longo

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My favorite place is being in uncharted territory - I specialize in finding key go-to-market approaches that address underserved markets. I do this by closely monitoring the latest trends in technology and employing the breadth of knowledge that I’ve accumulated over 30 years of experience in the industry. 

Think quickly, move swiftly - My mindset is this: It doesn’t always take a massive plan to execute on high-level goals. The most effective methodologies to adopt are agile and lean best practices in order to get you to your final destination in the most efficient way. Accomplishing goals is not something that happens overnight, but it also is not something that takes years and years to do.

Starting lean - I am, and always have been, a problem solver and nothing excites me more than finding an elegant solution to a complex problem.  I try to focus development on differentiated IP, leveraging Open Source and OTS solutions wherever possible. There may be lots of building and breaking to find the right solution, but that’s what makes the process fun and ultimately results in a far more robust product.  Product value hypotheses discussions with my team as early as possible drive the innovation process so we become more aware of how to set up truly lean experiments to test our ideas. 

Visionary in action - When I’m given a problem to solve, I can’t help but look at it through an unconventional lens and use my instincts and strong background in technology to turn vision into strategy. I have an innate ability to see beyond typical off-the-shelf use cases and/or solutions. My experience in both business and technology have been especially helpful to me in my time at Cognos, Oracle, Demandbase, and NASA, as well as a number of other startups that I have had the privilege of working for. 

Master hacker - Of course, having spent ten years as a developer, I love to work on the technical side of things, and speaking developer-talk is like second nature to me. I am, however,  also very interested in finding ways to optimize the human mind and body with technology. Feel free to ask me about Biohacking, but be prepared for a lengthy discussion!

Traveling the world - I grew up in Europe and have had the opportunity to live and work in many places. What I loved the most about this experience was pretty much everything! One thing I’ve learned by living a culturally diverse life is that I am constantly surprised by how much I can learn by listening and considering things from different perspectives and thinking “out-of-the-box”.

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