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What we do

Driving results that matter

Careteam is a UCSF Digital Awards top 100 company. Our patient success platform solves some of the biggest challenges facing healthcare today and drives results that really matter.

Reduce follow up time

Digital integrations and
multi-disciplinary collaboration
maximizes efficiency.

Increase capacity

Time-saving automations and
insights deliver the best possible care.

Increase patient adoption

One centralized platform makes
staying on course easy, reducing

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Combining passion and experience

We can help.

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Robert Attwell

Chief Operating Officer

As an experienced entrepreneur and Ivey MBA grad, Rob is an expert in health organization strategy on major innovative transformations. At Careteam, he is responsible for strategic initiatives and partnerships, including eight innovative programs with the Canadian Digital Technology Supercluster. Rob is currently leading collaborations with several consortiums to action best-in-class solutions that solve the fragmentation of healthcare.

Meena Sandhu

Chief Revenue Officer

Meena is a B2B SaaS leader with more than 20 years’ experience working in digital change and transformation. She has spent much of her career leading change and the adoption of new technologies in the financial sector as well as teaching and mentoring healthcare technology organizations on how to scale operations to achieve greater efficiencies. She currently oversees Careteam’s Sales, Marketing and Customer Success teams who are focused on increasing patient success.